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Larry runs a very, very thorough practice. Having been both a client and a candidate, I have the utmost confidence in the work that Larry does, the commitments that he makes and the integrity that he demonstrates. While always being a first class professional, he is genuine in his desire to make both parties benefit from a relationship or he will not recommend it. I would recommend Larry as the one recruiter that can get difficult jobs completed/filled. First rate.
– SVP, Human Resources
Insurance Company

Larry Duke (MRI) is an outstanding recruiter and has done an outstanding job recruiting top quality candidates for Pfizer Inc. Larry's former candidates have turned out to be some of our highest performing colleagues. He has recruited for us in some of the most difficult areas to fill. He has worked with us as a true business partner helping us to define and refine our needs so that we correctly target the market. He truly stands out from the run of the mill pack of recruiters that provide people but not high quality talent. He recruits compensation professionals for us and has consistently provided top quality candidates. He not only knows who is available in the market place put who might be tempted into exploring our special opening. Larry knows our business and because of that he has a special ability to attract only the best to our company. He has done the research and taken the time it takes to get to know us. He also knows his candidates. He never just sends "paper". His candidates are well screened and vetted. They specifically fit our needs. He has a knack of consistently sending candidates that not only meet our needs but spark our interest. Larry is the recruiter who we have regularly turned to with the difficult assignment and he has consistently delivered. I highly recommend Larry. It is difficult to find better.
– VP, Global Compensation
Global Manufacturing Company

Larry Duke has done an outstanding job recruiting for Mercer. He is a trusted business partner and is, without a doubt, the best management recruiter I've worked with. He consistently distinguishes himself through his in-depth knowledge of our business and our staffing needs, excellence in relationship management and through the timely supply of top talent. He has clearly taken the time to know our business and the dynamics of Mercer's culture. He has also taken the time to learn my personal style and works very effectively with me. We have had great success with candidates sourced through Larry (MRI). To a person, they have all excelled in their careers with Mercer. Larry's candidates are always well qualified and carefully screened. He is careful never to waste time and "throw" resumes our way like so many other recruiters in the marketplace. His name is well respected within Mercer and I would not hesitate to give Larry my highest recommendation.
– Principal
Unit Practice Leader

I've hired several talented compensation employees over the years as a direct result of Larry's recruitment efforts. He does a good job of screening candidates according to the job specs so that the candidates you are shown are quality individuals who are professionally qualified to perform the role. I would recommend Larry to anyone seeking talented HR employees.
– VP Total Rewards
Global Biotech

Larry Duke is an expert at assessing client needs, organizational culture, and work styles before beginning a talent search. With this assessment in hand, Larry is efficient at finding great talent to meet his client's needs. I have worked with Larry on several searches, and all of them have resulted in hiring people who have since proven to be a great addition to our HR team.
– VP, Global HR Transformation Leader
Global Technology and Manufacturing Company

Larry has been my principal source for top HR and HRIT consulting talent for over twelve years. The candidates that he has provided me over that time, at all levels of experience, have been outstanding. He takes a real interest in the growth of our business, has taken the time to understand both the personalities and technical skills we need to build a high performance team, and has had uncanny success in meeting our talent needs. He's blown the competition away. He has my highest recommendation.
– Principal, HR Transformation Consultant
Global HR Consulting Firm

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