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Ancillary Services

When it comes to new and innovative tools for hiring, we excel, offering a host of services and tools to accomplish your hiring goals and solve your hiring problems:

Job Description Development Expertise: We will assist your HR group or Staffing team develop better job descriptions that are designed to attract more top talent and passive candidates.

Target List Development: Client HR and staffing groups can take advantage of NextGen DNA’s advanced internet research capability and market knowledge by contracting with us to develop targeted call plans that are guaranteed to reach passive job seekers.

Assessment Testing: We can help you assess the long-term compatibility of candidates with your business culture. Using the leading tools to analyze profiles, skill sets and candidates' experience, our recruiters can provide you with the insight you need to make smarter hiring decisions.

Background Checks: We can offer you comprehensive information about a candidate, including supplying a full background check.

Relocation Assistance: We provide a comprehensive menu of local and nationwide relocation services to help make the move of your new hire easy and efficient. These services include: Cost-of-Living Analysis; Home Marketing and Finding; Special Mortgage Services; Special Reduced Moving Costs; and, Home Buy-out Programs and Expense Tracking. And, additional services are available to you or the candidate at no cost, such as address change notification and assistance in finding temporary corporate housing or home rentals.

Other: If we can assist with other parts of your search process please contact us to find out how we might be able to help your search process operate more efficiently.

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