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Marketing Plan [doc]: We have developed a comprehensive document that will help you organize, plan and execute your search plan.

Networking [doc]: Our PowerPoint presentation will serve as an invaluable resource that will help you organize and maximize this important part of your search process.

Resume Writing Tips: A well written and targeted resume is critical to securing a first interview. Follow our guidelines and recommendations and increase your response rate.

Interviewing: After your resume secures the first interview, make sure that you are ready to put your best foot forward. Our tips will help to ensure that you are well prepared.

Resigning Gracefully: After you accept an offer, find out how to leave your current employer on the best possible terms.

Counter Offers. While they may be flattering or tempting, find out why they may not always be in your best interest.

Do It Yourself Recruiting []: View our new presentation that will explain what recruiters do and how we work. With this knowledge you will be much better equipped to manage your own search.

Hire a Coach: If you desire direct assistance, NextGen DNA can offer hourly assistance that will greatly increase the likelihood of a successful transition.

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